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Oregano OG

Oregano OG

Uses and Benefits of Oregano The uses for oregano are highly diversified. Over time many different cultures have managed to find various uses for this particular herb. Oregano can be used as oil, as flavouring by the cooks, as medicine for infections and fungal and many more.

The oregano plant reaches a height of about two feet. The oregano has white flowers with coarse, oval and messy leaves throughout the body of the plant. The leaves range from 5 to 8 inch long and are dark green when fresh and light green upon drying.

Uses of oregano:
• As an oil oregano can be used both internally and externally to fight of infections and fungal.
• Used by cooks as flavouring for meat and soup.
• Hippocrates, one of the greatest philosophers from the times of the ancient Greek, has found uses for oregano as an antiseptic.
• Oregano oil can be used to keep of yeast infections and can be used for respiratory health and strengthening the immune system.
• Oregano oil is used to treat ear infections in children and adults.
• Oregano oil takes care of bug bites, rashes and has quite an effect on poison ivy too.
• A drop of oregano oil on toothbrush will help completely take care of gum disease and tooth decay.
• Oregano oil also works as quite a painkiller.
• Possible role in prevention and treatment of cancer in the future because of its antioxidant properties, investigation is already underway.
• Used to prepare oregano tea that cures a number of ailments.
• The leaves and flowering stems of the oregano are a source of natural antiseptics.
• Oil of Oregano has been seen to be used in some cosmetics too.
• The oregano is composed mainly of the active ingredients thymol and carvacrol. The oregano oil is highly concentrated and so it should be used in 1:1 ratio with olive oil to avoid the irritating warming sensation when oregano is applied directly on spot or when consumed without any secondary substance.

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