Mugwort scoparia conc. TCM - 100g
603202-0100 tcm herbs [100 g]

Plant Name German: Besenbeifußkraut geschnitten TCM
Plant Name English: Mugwort scoparia conc. TCM
Plant Name Pharmaceutic: Artemisiae scoparia Hb. conc. TCM
Farming: conventional
Appearance: cut
Plant Name Botanic: Besenbeifußkraut geschnitten TCM

Quantity: 100 g

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  Mugwort scoparia conc. TCM - 100g 
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Mugwort is an aromatic, shrubby perennial growing waste areas, roadsides and riverbanks in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.
Wort is an old term for "plant", especially one of a useful nature.
Artemisia was tied to the waist of travelers to protect them from wild beasts and weariness and applied to female body to cure many feminine disorders...
Boiled in Honey with gentian, chamomile and sage, it was applied locally for headaches.
Mugwort springs can be tied and hanged in closets to deter moths.
Mugwort is a natural insect repellant and placed in clothing to keep moths at bay. When ground in a mortar and pestle by the herbalist or witch the leaves become downy or fuzzy.
Roman soldiers put mugwort in their sandals to keep their feet from getting tired.
An infusion of the herb is used to soak tired feet after a long walk.
In Holland and Germany the plant was considered sacred to John the Baptist who presumably wore a girdle of Mugwort. The plants are gathered on St John’s Eve, made into a crown and worn to protect from possession, disease and general misfortune.
Mugwort was carried for a wide variety of reasons including protection from wild animals, sunstroke, poison and backache and to cure disease and madness.
The healing properties of the herb can be seen in its use by the indigenous Ainu people of Japan who used a smudge of mugwort to exorcise the spirit of the disease from the afflicted person.
It is used as a protective herb to keep evil spirits from entering a building and was used in China for this purpose by hanging it over doors.
It was stuffed into pillows and slept upon to show the dreamer his future. It is carried on ones person to give strength in long walks and to prevent sore feet as well as to increase fertility and lust.

This species is also occasionally known as riverside wormwood, felon herb, chrysanthemum weed, wild wormwood, old Uncle Henry, sailor’s tobacco, naughty man, old manor St. John’s plant (not to be confused with St John’s wort). Mugworts have been used medicinally and as culinary herbs.
MUGWORT is feminine in nature.
All varieties of ARTEMISIA are sacred to the Goddess Artemis who gives comfort (or death) to women in labor. Also, Diana through association and Hecate, Patron of herbalists and midwives. Mugwort is also associated with the moon which in turn is associated with the cycles of womanhood.
Since old times it’s been mostly famous for being considered a “dream” herb, enhancing remembrance of dreams, both during sleep and in trances, and precognitive dreaming or dreaming of future events.
This herb is said to have mild narcotic and sedative properties, which explain its use to promote sleep in cases of insomnia.
MUGWORT can be used as a sacred smoking herb or burned as a fumigant for protection or divination. It is safe to smoke (as safe as smoking anything is) by itself, mixed with tobacco, or other smokeables in a ritual context and is said to enhance astral projection, lucid dreaming and other altered states of consciousness. Some say that simply keeping mugwort under your pillow or in your bedroom will encourage prophetic dreams. Try making a dream pillow stuffed with mugwort. If you do keep it in your bedroom, remember that it is closely related to ragweed and the flowers may trigger some allergies.
An infusion of mugwort, or MUGWORT OIL is a good all-purpose cleaner and insect repellent.
Others say you must burn it or smoke it in order to utilize its conscious-altering affects. Burn mugwort in an INCENSE burner as you use divination tools to help open your mind to any messages coming in.
If you are not pregnant, a cup of mugwort tea before bedtime will also encourage LUCID dreaming.
MUGWORT is also used in protective sachets, especially those created in relation to travel. It is said to prevent delays, and other annoyances associated with traveling, as well as to protect the traveler from accidents, thieves and other dangers associated with traveling.
Mugwort stems also make very nice wands, though they aren’t very sturdy.
Use herbal water made of mugwort to cleanse ritual tools, especially those used for divination.
Hanging mugwort over or on a door will keep unwelcome energies from passing through.
A garland or girdle of mugwort can be worn while dancing around the midsummer balefire and thrown into the fire at the end of the night to ensure protection throughout the year.
Before hops, mugwort was used to flavor beer. For this purpose, the plant should be gathered while in flower and dried before use.
It is used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine to make MOXAS to cure many disbalances and symptoms. The fluff is carefully removed and rolled into a cylinder which is heated and placed near pressure points to relieve pain. This method is called MOXIBUTION.

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